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Posted by VariantSeven - 2 weeks ago

Christmas is coming whether we're ready or not! Would you like a Christmas card? I'll send you one!


- PM me your address

- All cards will be safe for work, so it's ok if your parents see the card etc.

- I love everyone here, but we're just friends. Don't get any ideas!

- The cards will be mailed with no return address. Please don't try to send me anything in return. I've had people try to send me money etc. I'm doing this because I love Christmas and I love the newgrounds community. You owe me nothing!

- I've been doing this for like a decade now. I won't dox you and I've yet to murder anyone. I've sent candy and cookies to @Malachy and @FUNKbrs and a few others here for like 15 years now. You won't end up dead.

- If my PM inbox gets full, comment on this post and tell me, "YOUR INBOX IS FULL YOU DUMB BITCH."

- Last day to send me your address is Dec. 5th. I'll be mailing cards out that first weekend in December.

- Your card may contain glitter......


I'm gonna set up this Nativity in my living room.


Hmu for a card!



Posted by VariantSeven - 1 month ago




Posted by VariantSeven - October 15th, 2021

Oh man, I love trick-or-treaters!!!!!

Go ahead, ring the door bell!




Posted by VariantSeven - September 27th, 2021

A song or a melody or music and suddenly you're right back there, with all of those people who you loved---

all of those people who are gone.

And it first it feels warm.

But then it's just empty.Β 


Posted by VariantSeven - August 2nd, 2021

Hey guys. I'm so sorry. I'm in a super dark place and I see that I have 10 PMs and like 40 notifications and I love you all. I apologize.Β 

Last month, my niece died.

About 10 days ago, my teenage son had an awful grand mal seizure while washing dishes--- his first in 10 years. Hit his head hard on the granite counter top, fell in the dishwasher and broke the door off, then hit the hardwood floor. Was unconscious and disoriented for a long time, couldn't stop throwing up. Went to ER via ambulance and was in the ER for 24 hours. Really needed to be admitted but they couldn't admit him due to Covid. (This is the same son who almost died in a wreck last year. ☹)

Covid is so bad here, in Louisiana. All of our hospitals are full. There are no beds. They're all setting up tents outside and creating makeshift ERs.

The ambulances will come to your house, tell you that you're stable enough, and leave you. Won't even attempt bringing you to a hospital because they are full.

We have the most cases per capita in the US and the lowest vaccination rates.

I'm so sick of all of these conspiracy theorist rednecks.

All of my friends have Covid. Everyone I know has Covid. Some of them are in the hospital and might not ever get to go home.

Some are at their houses praying they don't need a hospital.

Because they're full.

We had 11,000 new cases today and 2,000 of them were kids.

Teachers went back to school this week. Kids come back next week.

I got my 2nd Pfizer Covid vaccine on Saturday--- and I did well. No side effects.

But vaccinated people are still getting Covid.

I'm wearing a mask.

I don't know what else to do. I feel so hopeless.

So I'm in this awful place mentally, bouncing back and forth between "It is what it is"

And sheer panic.


So, I'm sorry for those of you feeling ignored. It's 100% my mental health and certainly not you-- or my love for newgrounds, which is forever.

We are still having the writing contest!


Deadline Labor Day.

Yall stay safe.Β 



Posted by VariantSeven - June 22nd, 2021

Every time we hold a writing contest, folks ask if they can submit poetry instead of a short story (which is cool, not complaining, we have some talented poets here), so I decided to set up a poetry contest.


Ok I gotta go to work now. I aint feeling it. Gonna be in Huntsville and then Chattanooga next week. Anyone up there? Places I MUST go? Food????

Unrelated pic from Wasteland 3:



Posted by VariantSeven - May 16th, 2021

My niece is going to die.

We're not in denial about it and we're all handling it pretty well.

But I mean, you ever plan a baby funeral?

Pick out a tiny baby coffin.

Fuck all that ya know.

I've spent $300 on Etsy getting little newborn baby outfits for her first, and last, photoshoot.

Anyway, I've buried myself in work, staying so busy I can't think about it.

But when I've got something heavy going on, I get distant.

So if you've PMed me/messaged me/texted me and I seem standoffish I promise it's not you.

It's 100% me.

But if you've lost a baby in your family (stillborn or in infancy) hmu.

I could use advice from others who have been through this.




Posted by VariantSeven - April 28th, 2021

Even though it's like 10 years old, I've somehow just gotten around to playing this game, "To the Moon."

Why did no one warn me about this????

Omg!!!!! I need to see a freakin therapist now.

It's great. 10/10 stars, but don't play it.




Posted by VariantSeven - March 28th, 2021

Do you miss the golden age of newgrounds, when the front page was covered in Assassin games?

Are you obsessed with Lola Bunny even though you won't admit it?

Are you filled with blind rage, satisfied only by killing fictional characters online????

We've got the game for you!

@Chdonga @Yomuchan designed this game using cutting edge technology, with only the finest graphics, all funded by my multi-million dollar animation corporation.Β We couldn't be more proud of this truly historic achievement.Β Β 



Posted by VariantSeven - March 17th, 2021

Holy hell is it a great game.

I know it's been out for awhile but I've just gotten around to playing it. (And it was crowdfunded, and I was a top tier crowd funder so my name is in the credits and I've got an NPC somewhere I think but man work has just kept me too busy to play!)

It's by the same folks who made Fallout 1 and Fallout 2, so it's got that dark, gritty, dystopian feeling that a post apocalyptic role-playing game SHOULD have and yeah, it's a TRUE RPG, where your choices matter.

Sometimes there's no right choice.

You'll do lots of reloading old saves to try different choices.

It's DEFINITELY earned it's M rating.

Copious violence, profanity, sex, drugs, prostitution, the whole nine yards----- they made this game for adults who like strategy. They're not pandering to the 11, 12, and 13 year olds like Bethesda did with Fallout 3 and Fallout 4. (And trust me, I do love Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 for their own reasons)

And man the story is good, so much attention to detail and dark, DARK humor.

I love it.

Tons of Fallout 1 and 2 easter eggs as well.

Oh and the soundtrack is something else. Ima have to find the soundtrack on a playlist.

Anyway, tl;dr you need to play Wasteland 3.

I hope they made enough money that they can fund Wasteland 4.

@Prinzy2 @deathink @jackho @sirkaotik