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I'm sorry yall ❤☹

Posted by VariantSeven - August 2nd, 2021

Hey guys. I'm so sorry. I'm in a super dark place and I see that I have 10 PMs and like 40 notifications and I love you all. I apologize. 

Last month, my niece died.

About 10 days ago, my teenage son had an awful grand mal seizure while washing dishes--- his first in 10 years. Hit his head hard on the granite counter top, fell in the dishwasher and broke the door off, then hit the hardwood floor. Was unconscious and disoriented for a long time, couldn't stop throwing up. Went to ER via ambulance and was in the ER for 24 hours. Really needed to be admitted but they couldn't admit him due to Covid. (This is the same son who almost died in a wreck last year. ☹)

Covid is so bad here, in Louisiana. All of our hospitals are full. There are no beds. They're all setting up tents outside and creating makeshift ERs.

The ambulances will come to your house, tell you that you're stable enough, and leave you. Won't even attempt bringing you to a hospital because they are full.

We have the most cases per capita in the US and the lowest vaccination rates.

I'm so sick of all of these conspiracy theorist rednecks.

All of my friends have Covid. Everyone I know has Covid. Some of them are in the hospital and might not ever get to go home.

Some are at their houses praying they don't need a hospital.

Because they're full.

We had 11,000 new cases today and 2,000 of them were kids.

Teachers went back to school this week. Kids come back next week.

I got my 2nd Pfizer Covid vaccine on Saturday--- and I did well. No side effects.

But vaccinated people are still getting Covid.

I'm wearing a mask.

I don't know what else to do. I feel so hopeless.

So I'm in this awful place mentally, bouncing back and forth between "It is what it is"

And sheer panic.


So, I'm sorry for those of you feeling ignored. It's 100% my mental health and certainly not you-- or my love for newgrounds, which is forever.

We are still having the writing contest!


Deadline Labor Day.

Yall stay safe. 



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Love you girl, please take care. Do you need help with anything?

Just lift a few cars for me and stay safe

Please dont feel forced to reply or post while grieving, take the time you need! I'm sure everyone will understand :)

Thank you

The great thing about the notifications and PM's is they don't expire. They can wait. Your mental well-being is more important, and anybody that would try to convince you otherwise is being selfish with your time.

"Like all storms, this too shall pass."
-The grief.
-The community ignorance.
-The virus itself.

Persevere, because you are sturdied by the real ones in your life that are holding onto the right things. Do not compromise on these important things that matter, even if it's your own needs.

Set time aside to vent in a healthy way for yourself. Have a picnic outside with someone who makes you smile. You are not alone, and you're doing great. <3

Thank you

Any time :)

Don't worry about us, we're alright. I can't really say much except that it's good to hear that you're vaccinated! Look after yourself and don't feel pressured to respond to us!

Take all the time that you need, Seven. We all understand and here for you.

I'm so sorry. I don't know what to say. Please be safe. Hang in there. <3

I can't imagine what that must be like to endure. You're incredibly strong for even coming onto this site to write a post. I wish you nothing but the best. Let's hope better times are on the way.

Stay strong.

Take care and take all the time needed for yourself and your family. I understand your feelings, but sometimes all we can do is stay strong for what is coming and hope for the best. May you and your family stay healthy and safe.
And yeah, I HATE those fools and foolish governments who allow the fools to keep playing fools.

I don't know how much you know about Louisiana, but I've lost friends and family over this. They truly believe it's all made up. They are anti-vax and that the shot has a microchip in it. They think masks are infringing on our freedom. They are posting this BS from their hospital beds, as they themselves literally die from Covid. It's pure mental illness.

My deepest condolences. Trust me, I'm sick of all the stupid COVID idiots myself, they are the reason this pandemic has gone on so long. I wish you the best and hope your son gets the care he needs. I had a co-worker at my old place of work who has a seizure problem so I understand how critical things can get if not treated right. If you need anything or need a vent DMs are always open. :) Sending you all the good vibes...

Thanks and you're right, our situation down here was entirely preventable

im very sorry for your lost :(

Sorry to hear that. Hope your son gets well soon. Yeah covid is infuriating. Last month family overseas died once a week for almost two months. Meanwhile people here get angry when they can’t party

Thanks man. My doctor is from Nicaragua, and he has lost 2 brothers and multiple cousins, extended family etc. The vaccine isn't accessible to people under 50 in most places there. He was literally in tears when he was telling me about it. I'm so tired of whiny Americans making this entire situation worse. Mostly whiny southern Americans.

@Luis @VariantSeven yeah. Sad we have to beg people to get vaccinated and they still don’t want to. Meanwhile elsewhere in the world there is a shortage smh

If you need a break you need a break.
Take care of yourself and your loved ones we will still be here. We aren't going any where soon

I hope your well stay with it

Hope things will get better. You don’t need to apologize.

I kinda figured that was the reason we haven't seen you around lately. We all love you.

Such many tragedies in a such short period of time... I can't even imagine how hard it has to be to sustain it all. I hope your son will be ok. Take care and stay strong as much as it is possible. We all need that anyway in that difficult time.
In my country handling of Covid isn't any better. You got a feeling that the whole medical care is being... decomposed. And in September the employees are going for a general strike because of mishandling of the whole health service by the government and the fact that it is massively underfunded.


You don't owe any of us anything. Take care of you and yours.
Just keep wearing a mask and sanitize when ever you leave anywhere. Too many dummies in this country.

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