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Posted by VariantSeven - August 24th, 2020

.... let's go out with a bang


Posted by VariantSeven - August 18th, 2020

I'm ready. I aint even gonna lie.



Posted by VariantSeven - July 3rd, 2020



Posted by VariantSeven - June 17th, 2020

...is the best damn show ever, fight me. iu_133522_1414829.jpg


Posted by VariantSeven - June 1st, 2020

I have a family member who is blind now.

It's his fault, so it's a little frustrating. We knew he had diabetes. We'd been telling him, "You have diabetes idiot." He refused to go to a doctor--- hadn't been to see one in literally 15 years---- refused to admit he was going blind! Totaled his truck. At the ER they were like , "Yeah your blood sugar is like 500, that's why you can't see." And we just shook our heads because we'd been BEGGING him to see a fuckin doctor.

Anyway he's had multiple eye surgeries and his diabetes is now controlled but it's too late.

He can see light and blurry color but that's it.

Can't read. Can't drive. Can't work anymore. Can't watch TV. Walks into walls and people and such.

I had an ex with a blind dad so I know a lot about the things out there for blind people.

We're getting him a new phone with vision impairment accommodations and a new computer with those accomodation programs as well.

He won't do a cane--- but he needs one!

I might look into a seeing eye dog.

You guys know anyone who's blind? What do they use/need daily?


Posted by VariantSeven - May 27th, 2020



Posted by VariantSeven - May 2nd, 2020

So as a Louisiana resident, I'm surrounded by rednecks who have refused to take any of this seriously and it got way out of control down here. You don't have to live in fear, but maybe cancel the crawfish boils and stop bringing all 6 kids to Walmart every single day?

We have a huge number of cases for such a small state, population wise/per capita, and same for deaths.

I personally know probably 100 people who have had it. I personally know about 10 who have died, a few of whom I was pretty close to.

We couldn't have funerals for them, no more than 10 people---- it's bleak.

So ASIDE from that awful mess------- What has Coronavirus messed up for YOU, personally?

For me, it was my second job.

I had a pretty sweet part time gig. A few times a year they'd fly me out to random cities to teach in-services/give classes/go to other trainings myself.

I love traveling. I got to go to Kansas, Illinois, Virginia, back up north to Massachusetts, Delaware.

Not only has all of that been canceled but the company for which I was working is founded on communication and doing things in groups--- this might put them under. I may never get that back.

So far I'm allowed to work at home for my full time job, which I'm hoping continues until we can go back to our physical building. I have pretty good job security but I know many people are in a tough spot now.

So what about you guys? Anyone out of work? Come have some coffee and unload your drama. Canceled ceremonial/trips? Any bitching allowed.


Posted by VariantSeven - May 1st, 2020

Everybody is talking about how bored they are but I'm staying busy AF. I clean and sanitize my house everyday. I cook all meals--- no take out or fast food until my state gets their shit straight, I work out, I work from home, I squeeze in a little reading and Fallout and then it's bed time. How the hell are people bored?

Anyway, I've been baking waaaaay too much. Cakes, cookies, brownies, donuts, croissants, biscuits, breads, omg you name it I've baked it.

* Someone on here sent me a new set of measuring spoons--- thank you 🥰❤

I got my Masters degree. That's finished. I'd like to wait until "all of this" has calmed down before I get my doctorate, but I think I still want it, mostly out of spite because my family is awful to me. Several of them are livid that I even got the Masters degree because they're all trash so they're being extra nasty to me. I'd love to send them announcements with a "Dr." in front of my name.

I hope it's getting back to normal where you guys live. Everyone down here is fucking stupid and believes 5G is causing the virus. No one will stay home. Everyone is still having parties. I know so many people who have died.

I've lost count.

So I hope yall are safe. Please be safe.


Posted by VariantSeven - March 21st, 2020

We're all gonna die and it's about time.

Was anyone else a fan of Last Man on Earth? I loved it, watched every episode. They kinda nailed it.

Also, I've loved this song for awhile, but now I laugh when I hear it come on, because shits definitely hit the fan.

Anyway, in all seriousness, I hope yall are all ok.

I'm sick. Had a fever a few days ago, lots of body aches, felt like a truck hit me, and since then, a bad cough, real short of breath.

Didn't get tested, they don't have many tests here. They won't test most people under 65. If things get worse, I'll go in.

If I die I die---made peace with that as soon as this started.

If you're feeling anxious or if things are real crappy where you are, hmu, I'm here for ya.